Tuesday, 1 March 2011

The Devil in the Amazonas

The white-fronted spider monkey is an endangered species of spider monkey. Look at the very long tail it has. Look at its strange face. That face has given him the Latin name Ateles Belzebuth. The Spanish Wikipedia has more information on this little monkey.

Spanish speakers use different names for this monkey: marimona and marimonda are the ones I have heard the most. You can see the rest in the Wikipedia article. It can be confusing when crossing borders or even regions. 

In Pemon, the most widely used Carib language today with just 30000 speakers- it is called "waitiri". Waitiriyen is a Pemon location on the Yunwaru river and Waitiripa is another one in the Caroni Basin (-yen and -pa are Pemon suffixes for locations).

In the picture you see a white-fronted spider monkey in -sigh- captivity.

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