Saturday, 3 October 2009

I need your help

I am trying to improve this blog. As you have seen, there have been a series of little polls.
Now it would be great if you would tell me what topics about Venezuela you would like to see more (or less)! If there is some topic not listed on the right, you can write about it in the comments or send me an email.

2/3 of my readers are non-Venezuelans and that is perfect: all are welcome and yet my main goal with this blog is to inform non-Venezuelans about what is going on in my country. That is why I write here in English (and sometimes in German). I try to give a perspective that is more tailored to Europeans as other bloggers have a target that is more aimed at North Americans. Of course, readers from every continent are welcome. There are readers from every European country. I have a lot of readers from the US and also a lot from Canada (they seem to particularly well represented), some from China, Iran (yes, Iran), Asiatic Russia, even Egypt or Nigeria and South Africa. Still: most are lurkers. If you tell me through the poll to the right or through comments about the things you want to see more, I will be able to learn more about you and improve this blog.

¡Gracias! Thanks! Danke! Asante! Bedankt! Спасибо! תודה شكراً! 谢谢!

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