Wednesday, 25 March 2009

De l'éthique? Non, merci

Well, we had it before: Total from France was keen to invest in Burma when nobody else was doing it anymore because...well, because if they did not, the Chinese would have increased their clout there and nothing would have changed. So, nothing changes but Total keeps its cake in Burma. Now we have they are doing the same in Venezuela: cow-towing to the Chavista regime and not saying anything about Venezuela's human rights. We know those human rights in Venezuela are not at the level of Burma, but they are going down the drain very very fast.

What are the deals about? "Energy, education and trasportation", they said. If it goes as usual, we know what it is about: oil, oil, oil and some petrodollars on the other side, as well as some silence at the moment there is some discussion about Venezuela in the European Parliament.


  1. Ist doch ein nettes Foto .... aber sich selbst lieben diese beiden Knaben natürlich am meissten .....
    Zu unserer Wahlcomputer Diskussion ... hier noch ein interessanter Artikel von der Adenauer Stiftung

  2. Yes, Bridge, you are right: they love themselves above everything else.

    The Konrad-Adenauer foundation has carried out good reports.

    I was taking now a look at the papers of the Friedrich-Eberd foundation (Social Democrat Germans for the readers who are not into German stuff)

    Not much, but they are also rather critical. Unfortunately, I haven't heard them saying anything in public...probably because they do not want to say something that sounds like CDU/CSU...that is the way of politicians.

    I think I am being tempted to write about the technical part of the voting system in Venezuela, but I want to gather more information.


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