Tuesday, 8 April 2008

The Chávez regime and its automatic support to "communist" regimes

It was so predictable: the Chávez government declared it unconditionally supports the Chinese government in its authoritarian handling of the Tibet crisis.

It was so incredibly predictable: Chavismo has to support anything that is against what it sees as "the interests of the West".

They do not care about the brutal way in which the Chinese government has been treating the Tibetans for decades, it does not care about the numerous reports by Amnesty International about human right abuses in China (here just an example), it does not care about the way the Han government is destroying Tibetan culture.


  1. Why are we not surprised?

  2. I am shocked and repulsed by the decision of the Chavista government. I am not surprised. Extreme left do it all the time: support China because it is "communist" (even though it is now just some mixed semi-planned, wild-capitalist kind of authoritarianism) and reject anything that might make them closer to "the mainstream". Chávez, of course, has some further interests: he wants to please China in things the West dislikes.
    So: in a way, I am not surprised.
    Expect very predictable positions from him on a lot of issues.

    The sad thing is the opposition in Venezuela does not go to some positions that might make sense after all and take the initiative of making a statement on them.
    One example: the fishing industry. I had briefly written about it in my ideas for Venezuela.
    The opposition leaders should be more proactive.


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