Saturday, 9 April 2016

¿Qué nos dice CEPAL ahora del 2016?

Estas son las proyecciones del crecimiento del PIB que tiene la CEPAL para Suramérica en 2016. Como pueden ver, Venezuela es clase aparte una vez más. Los de la extrema izquierda en Europa hablan de una guerra económica...hay que tener morros para decir esto.

Según estos datos, el PIB de Venezuela caerá en un 6,9% en 2016.


  1. Result of 17 years of Chavismo: Venezuela's 2016 Per Capita income in constant dollars w purchasing power parity factored in, will be about the same, or a bit lower, than it was in 1998. Oil was around $10/BBL in 1998.

    So much for the magical effect of Chavista-managed petrodollars. Well, the effects were magical for Diosdado and friends.

    [1998-2014, Venezuela's per capita income in constant dollars s PPP increased 9%, according to the World Bank]

    1. Hi, Boludo. I think per capita income must be considerably lower by now.
      The most overvalued currency rate we have is not ony for corruption purposes, I believe, but to fool some people in Venezuela and abroad.

      I wrote these two years ago:

      If we compared the purchasing ower over a larger amount of products and services - something few have taken the effort of doing, apparently - we would see things are dramatic and 1998 was a good year.
      I lived through it.
      By the way: back then there were more and more companies in Venezuela that were exporting stuff.
      They were midgets for international standards, but they were there and they were cause for hope.

      They have all ceased to exist.


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