Saturday, 5 September 2015

How do we teach Venezuelans about basic economics and sustainable development?

This is not a rhetoric or sarcastic question. Venezuelans have been repeating for decades now - about 7 - that the country needs to diversify its economy. Still, Venezuela is worse off now than it was back in 1937 when it comes to diversification. The standard of living rose a lot during several decades, but it is now falling down once more below the levels of the nineties of the XX century.

Venezuelans think theirs is a rich country and there only needs to be "redistribution". Some think Venezuela had or has capitalism or socialism while the country is still a primarily petro-feudal nation.

How do we educate Venezuelans if even opposition politicians with a degree in economics - much less the leaders of the autocratic government- do not want or cannot teach our citizens about the basics for sustainable (economic) development?

How do we prevent Venezuela's projects to always end up here?

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