Saturday, 18 April 2015

Yanomami, their guts, your guts

Newspapers are reporting about fascinating scientific findings coming from Venezuela and the United States. The news are about how the First Nation group of the Yanomami seem to have the most varied microbiome known up to now in humans and this seems to bring special resistance to antibiotics. Exceptionally, US American and Venezuelan scientists could work together on this.

You can read about it here (in English) and here (in Spanish, different details). I am still not sure about the conclusions people are drawing on this case but then I am an absolute layman when it comes to biology

On a somewhat related note - guts and nations-, I recently read in German a book by young physician Giulia Enders: Darm mit Charm. It will appear in English next month with the title "Gut".

There is some food for thought in all these sources.

And I ask myself: what is in here for the sustainable development of the Yanomami? Their region is being invaded by countless illegal miners and smugglers.

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