Sunday, 2 September 2012

American role models and lunacies

One of the problems in Spanish American political systems is the strong presidential system, a system that does not favour debate. Debate's main purpose in politics is to promote the flow of ideas and the open, fair competition between different views. This is hardly possible when you use ads and speeches that are basically preaches to the choir and monologues to the Nation.

Unfortunately, our main big neighbour to the North, the United States of America, has what is basically a two-party system, where debates between big national leaders is mostly limited to presidential candidates at election time. Canada? Thanks, very much.

I just read a new action film actor is promoting Romney's candidacy: Chuck Norris. So now it's not just the "Make-my-day" man but a martial arts hero. I immediately went to youtube to look for this ad. I didn't find it on my search right away, but I found found something else an interview with him that Fox News made last year.

One of the things that called my attention was how Mr Norris says Obama wants a One World Government. I immediately recognised that crap because I remembered some of the brochures evangelical fundamentalists
from the States used to distribute in Venezuela when I was a child...they still do. In one of those brochures they portray how the end of the world would come. It was something only a very obtuse person who didn't have much idea about the rest of the world could come up with. I was a child back then, but as I was already at least a bit acquainted with the Bible and also had a little bit of idea about "foreign countries" - mostly from reading-, I found the whole thing particularly bananas. The United Nations was part of the One World Government...which was going to be led by the Antichrist. The European Union, back in those days, had 12 member the Baptist evangelicals who designed that brochure came up with the idea of suggesting those stars from the EU represented the stars on the crown worn by the Woman of the Apocalypse. And from this stuff is that Norris is coming from...and that is also why he says Obama is turning the USA into a socialist nation.
More widespread than you think

I checked out further on the Net and saw that Norris is a staunch creationist.

This is really creepy...these are the people representing a large segment of the population in the nation that is still the First Superpower. I am no Obama fan, but if this is what the other half has to offer...

I think the Chinese must be happy with these developments. Or, as the Flemish say, the gringos are goed bezig...or as we say in American Spanish, "no tienen oficio". Oh, boy, this is not the country where Thomas Edison and Richard Feynman grew up. Surely, there are some potential Edisons and Feynmans out there...and they usually dislike politics...but somehow too many people are preferring as role models the Chuck Norris and Clint Eastwoods of this world.


  1. Any person with good common sense wouldn't pay attention to the opinions of those in Hollywood, as they always tend to be quite radical either way. Thankfully, most Americans still have sense enough to realize this. I myself am no Obama fan, seeing as he likes to surround himself with such radicals. I honestly believe that if Chavez didn't have so many human rights violations to his name, and it were popular, he and Obama would be friends.

  2. Stephanie,
    I am no US American, but if I were, I would definitely not vote for the Republican party. Obama may have some radical friends (which ones are you talking about, by the way? Bill Ayers?), but so do Reps...even if they are of another sort. These guys are really sleeping with the Devil all the time. Among their friends they have dictators in Central Asia but most worryingly in the Arabian Peninsula. Do you know who is financing the worst forms of radical Islam? The Saudi family and some others like that.

    Weapons industry someone? It's a leech on the US economy. Go and criticize some control on that and you will be deemed a traitor of the fatherland. Go and check out its connections.

  3. Believe me, I'm not naive like some. We as a country are constantly financing and giving away money to countries that hate us and are out to destroy us or others. The problem is that nobody ever does their homework on such things. On a typical day here watching TV you will always see a negative advert aimed at one candidate or the other. It happens so often that the average person will dismiss it as untrue rather than actually do their homework. Even now in this election year, I am still very much undecided because I dislike both candidates equally.

    As far as the radicals I speak of, if you google Obama's Czars you can find some current and former people who have his ear. These people are appointed by the president, our taxes pay their salaries (much like ministers) and pose a threat to our constitution's system of "Checks and Balances" Some are self described communists (Van Jones,Gary Samor,Cass Sunstein) Others who control all public information, news releases, monitor internet conversations, believe free speech should be limited for the common good, are against private business, (sound familiar doesn't it?)There are lists of these people. Not just for Obama, but all presidents. Obama holds the record for them at this point.


  4. Oh, dear! If he needs to lie for this...what won't he do?


    I didn't know about this Van Jones. I quickly checked out a bit and he was, apparently, a communist in the nineties.
    So? Do you think he is a sleeper agent?
    People change their mind all the time. What does he say now?
    As far as I see, he resigned a long time ago.
    Do you really think there is a threat of the US becoming "communist"?

  5. There looms a threat to our constitution now more than ever. If not Communist, something very close, much like Venezuela now. Van Jones resigned long ago, but he still has contact with the president even if not for "green jobs". I have reason to believe he is a sleeper agent. The problem would be to prove it.
    There is a saying that if you drop a frog in boiling water he will jump out. If you slowly heat the water, they wont realize until it is too late. This is the situation we are in now.
    The question for me is, Do I kick Obama out to tell him these ideologies are unacceptable, or do I vote for Obama to tell the GOP to go back to the drawing board and try again? Decisions decisions.

    By the way, I'm not sure if you had seen this, but this definitely raises eyebrows for me. Comes at a really "convenient" time I say.


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