Thursday, 14 June 2012

Capriles prefers to export food, Chávez prefers to export weapons

I think the choice should be clear for someone who wants Venezuela to progress. Yesterday, the exotic idol of the world extreme left, Hugo Chávez, declared Venezuela will be exporting weapons very soon. 

Today, Henrique Capriles, the candidate of the alternative forces in Venezuela, said what the policy will be if most Venezuelans elect him: to transform the country into a net food exporter, not a weapons producer.

Right now Venezuela is more dependent than ever on food imports. The Bolivarian regime says it's "because now we eat more". How come we can't produce more after 13 years of "development" and so many extra billions coming in through record oil prices?

I think every single person abroad who still supports the military caudillo should feel ashamed by now. I am afraid that is not going to happen's about their pride and their ideological blindness.


  1. Capriles would turn Venezuela into a banana-republic

    1. Venezuela is a banana republic right now...ruled by a corrupt military caste that has managed to increase the murder rate by over 300%.
      The military caudillo, claiming to "fight imperialism (US only)" has increased Venezuela's dependence on oil, has sold out Venezuela's future to the Russians and Chinese businessmen, has managed to destroy a lot of infrastructure.

    2. Anonymous, couldn't you think of anything
      interesting to say? Chavez wants to export
      plantains to Russia...
      Thanks for setting him straight, Mr. Kepler.
      ;0 anonimo #5


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