Sunday, 1 April 2012

Media and how the "security forces" suppress protests

Monagas, now with a governor Chávez doesn't like
Monagas state governor Cedeño dared criticize the way in which the state oil company dealt with an environmental disaster in his region. Because of that PSUV dauphin Diosdado Cabello told Chávez to expel the governor. Cedeño was expediently thrown out of the Chávez party. The national government proceeded immediately to take over control of the state police - against any existing legislation - and then to take over a radio station managed by the governor's brother. The national government declared that radio station was operating illegally. I don't know if that is true but there are lots of such pirate stations and they are allowed to broadcast as they long as they are not critical of Chávez and his regime.

Please, take a look here at the way in which Chávez security forces acted and the way in which one of the gunmen points his weapon to someone who just wanted to peacefully show his discontent.

German history professor Zeuske (from Eastern Germany) wrote in his history book Von Bolivar zu Chávez a couple of years ago that Venezuela was "probably the freest country on Earth". Sure.

In the coming months you will see how Chávez' people use every dirty trick they can to make life for Briceño impossible. And no, it won't be in the way Mr Zeuske knows from the Federal Republic of Germany where opposition or government politicians may block motions. Nope. It won't be in the way he knew from Eastern Germany either. It will be in the new thuggish XXI Century "Socialism".

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