Monday, 9 February 2009

Venezuela made it for Egypt U-20 World Cup

Yes, we made it for the first time: we are taking part in a Football World Cup (football as in real football, not as in football with cushions and helmets)

Venezuela has had difficulties to classify because:
  1. People in Venezuela have traditionally preferred more baseball, basketball and other sports and there is consequently little money for football
  2. The government has never invested enough or well
  3. We are in one of the toughest continents for classifying, with the top teams of Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay next to us and other countries where football is also much more popular than in Venezuela: Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Chile, Bolivia...well, almost all the rest.
  4. Venezuelans have always screwed it at the last minute because they become nervous (which shows lack of practice and confidence as football players)

So I am happy.
Ps 1: The U-20 World Cup is for players under 20.

Ps 2: FIFA on the teams that classified

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