Saturday, 30 August 2008

Research on maths levels in Venezuela

I am looking for maths books used by 15-year old Venezuelan pupils. Do you have a copy of one being used now in Venezuela? Could you send me a picture of the kind of questions they have to deal with?

I have some information for the US, Germany, the UK and Belgium.


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  2. Sorry, don't have any. I could send you what my home schooled 14 yr old is doing...
    BTW, I do NOT believe God created the earth with the appearance of age, I was just curious as to what the reactions might be to that. I like to see how people react. ;)

  3. ( Just read your comments at Daniel's)
    May I take this opportunity to apologized for my comments which have offended you. I tend to lay the sarcasm on a bit strong and find that often times, in the written form, they come across much harsher than I had intended.
    I enjoy a debate and you are very good! Your sense of humor often makes me laugh, so I admire that about your writing.

  4. I will ask our neighbour in Maracay to make some copies. Espezially what youre looking for?


  5. JM, no sweat.
    I am not offended, I do state my position as well, I prefer people to see all differences and similarities in views. I find it prudent for anyone to distance himself from any given group when there are differences: I share this, I do not share that, I share part of this, etc, not that.
    That is also good for the things one can share.

    That would be great. The following links are a courtesy of Dan:

    The first one is a math exam for 14-15 year old pupils in New York, the second for 15-16. I would be particularly interested in getting the equivalent of a test for Venezuelan pupils of 15-16, if possible from a free (state) school in Venezuela.

    I know it is hard. As far as I remember, exams were different and there is hardly any general documentation of what exams should be like.
    One possibility is getting samples of official text books, another is getting (anonymized) copies of exams by 15-year old pupils...or some sample from a teacher's book or something like that. Thus: an example of what pupils in Venezuela are currently expected by the ministry of education to master.

  6. I did review some of the Escuela Bolivariana materials which had been sent to our small school in the jungle. I am a teacher and I was not impressed. The material was dismal and the methodology reprehensible.

  7. Well, JM, yours has been the most positive statement I have heard about the new Chavista methodology.
    "dismal" and "reprehensible" sound almost like compliments, if you know what I mean: the teachers I have contacted have told me the new books are mostly CENSURED

  8. Oops...I cannot publish what they told me, but they just used four-letter words.

  9. Speaking seriously: my friends are horrified about the sinking levels (and they were already low before). They tell me some of them use old books and then hide them when the Chavista inspectors come.

  10. To protect the innocent, that is happening through out the jungle as well. The new stuff is very Cubanizado!
    I do not use four letter words, but I am sure my opinion could be stated as such!

  11. Hi Kepler, ich schreib das mal in deutsch. Unsere Nachbarn haben ehrlich gesagt Angst das bekannt werden koennte das die Scans (Mathelehrbuch) von Ihnen kommen. Ich werde heute Abend noch mal nachhaken.

    Unsere Nachbarin ist Direktorin an einer Schule. Schreib mir am Besten was fuer Informationen Du noch benoetigst, erwarte aber bitte keine Scans von Unterlagen von Ihr, die werden wir nicht bekommen.
    Alles weitere besser unter galeriehan (klammeraffe)

    Bis dann Hans

  12. Hallo, Hans. Vielen Dank. Ich schreibe Dir mal später in der Woche.


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