Sunday, 18 May 2008

Some news to read

I have little time, I just wanted to point at some articles:

Rory Carroll, The Guardian's journalist in Caracas on Chavez sliding down the slope

According to Spiegel (in German) Chavez was trying to invite himself to Germany, although Merkel is not interested in seeing him very soon. I will write more on this at the end of the week.

Extreme left Euro-deputy, Sarah Wagenknecht, talks (in German) about Chavez linking Merkel's party to Hitler as "historically correct".

I wonder if Wagenknecht would concede her party is even more closely connected to Stalin than the CDU to the NSDAP, the Nazi party. Well, I wonder what Wagenknecht says about Stalin at all...and were not Stalin and Hitler cooperating until Nazi Germany invaded the Soviet Union)


  1. Chavez's comment on Merkel being a NAZI were wrong.

    Wagenknecht is also very wrong trying to justify Chavez's being a clown.

  2. Feathers,

    Of course it was very wrong. It was very wrong and clumsy.
    Merkel did not have anything to do with the Nazis, Merkel suffered under a dictatorship (a communist one) and the relationships of the CDU with
    the Nazi people are as "concrete" as that of the communists themselves (for instance, communists and Nazis from time to time cooperated before Hitler came to power, there was a left and right part of the NSDAP, the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany had made made agreements before Hitler decided to invade the Soviet Union).
    Wagenknecht is an ultra communist.
    She is really an extremist. Der Spiegel even called something like Betonkommunist. That person is even a pain in the ... for the very Linker because she was excusing even what happened in East Germany during the dictatorship.

  3. Santiago García24 May 2008 at 09:06

    Well, here's what she thinks about Stalin:

    Basically, she's saying: Come on now, Stalin wasn't all bad.

    Incidentally, it looks like members of the German Left may have ties to the FARC:,1518,555176,00.html


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