Saturday, 21 January 2012

I got post from Belgium

One year ago I wrote to the Francophone Socialist Party of Belgium (PS) to demand an explanation about a politician from that party who had visited Venezuela on several occasions, Ms Bouarfa, a senator for Brussels and former senator at the federal level. Ms Bouarfa vehemently defended military caudillo Chávez and talked very negatively about all the rest, including real social democratic parties.

Belgium has been in a political negotiations to build a government for one and a half years (a world record), so I only got an answer now. A representative of Mr Di Rupo answered. I put here just the part that concerns us the most (the rest is basically apologies for the delay, greetings): 

"Nous avons bien pris connaissance des propos tenus par Madame Bouarfa à la suite de sa visite au Venezuela. Madame Bouarfa n’était pas au Venezuela en qualité de représentante du Parti Socialiste et  s’est exprimée en son nom personnel.
Le Parti Socialiste belge, dans le cadre de l’Internationale socialiste notamment, suit attentivement la situation politique vénézuélienne. Le Parti Socialiste unifié du Venezuela n’est d’ailleurs pas membre de l’Internationale socialiste."

My free translation:

We have taken notice of the comments made by Ms Bourafa after her visit to Venezuela. Ms Bouarfa was not in Venezuela as representative of the Socialist Party and she expressed herself on her own behalf only. The Socialist Party of Belgium, particularly in the context of the Socialist International, attentively follows the political situation in Venezuela. The United Socialist Party of Venezuela is also not member of the Socialist International".

Thanks to the PS for that clarification. Next time Ms Bouarfa goes to Venezuela invited by the Chávez-dominated Consejo Supremo Electoral, she should be aware of this. She shouldn't be saying she is representing some official EU or Belgium governmental anything.

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