Friday, 6 January 2012

Breasts in Venezuela, Germany and the USA (updated)

I read in the news today there are about 40000 breast implants in Venezuela a year. I checked out in how many breast implants there were in Germany and the USA last year: about 25000 and 264241 respectively. There are 29 million people in Venezuela. There are a little bit less than 82 million people in Germany.

30.57 women for 100000 persons (thus, for about 50000 females of every age) have a breast implant every year in Germany. 84.3 women for 100000 people have that kind of operation in the US during the same time. In Venezuela, it's 137.9 women per 100 000 inhabitants.

It's weird and it's a pity. I think a few may need that because of some illness or the like. Most don't.


  1. Kepler, the blame is in part to the "beauty" society but also because of the morphology of the venezuelan women body.

    Venezuelan women are typically flat-chested with abundant "derrière" and thighs. The new ideal woman, in beauty standards, is someone extremely thin with large breasts. This is almost impossible to accomplish naturally for any women, but, in particular for the typical Venezuelan woman. They need to be extremely thin to reduce the thighs and the rear part of the body and, as a consequence, there are no breasts left.

    The morphology of typical german and american women is totally different, and it is closer to the current ideal beauty model. In fact, many "super-models" are German.

  2. Hi, Bruni. I don't know, perhaps there is some "advantage". I suppose girls with a stronger European but also African ancestry do tend to have bigger breasts than those with more native American genes but: do you think Japanese or Chinese women are as likely to get such an operation?

    I doubt doubt that and they definitely tend to be "flatter" there and they are also very much into looks. There is also a huge variance in Venezuela, I have "seen" the whole range...

  3. Kepler,
    You don't need stats to tell this story. Go to Venezuela and immediately you notice something isn't right. It's like an epidemic.

  4. Juan,
    Hi. This is not new to me. I just thought some statistics put things in perspective for others. But perhaps I should have posted about this in my Spanish blog.

  5. Interesting info, thanks for digging it up. I actually had the perception that the proportion of women having breast augmentation in Venezuela was much higher when compared to the US, maybe 5x in my mind, just to guess a number.

    That leaves the question why? As Juan stated, it is immediately noticeable in Venezuela that so many women have implants, not so in the US or Germany. In the latter 2 countries women with a boob job stand out, while in Venezuela women WITHOUT one seem to be the ones NOT being the norm.



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