Sunday, 15 January 2017

Venezuela auf Deutsch, ARD berichtet

Ein Freund hat mich auf eine Sendung des deutschen Fernsehens zu Venezuela aufmerksam gemacht.
Sie wird heute Sonntag um 19:20 ausgestrahlt.

Also, Leute:

SO / 19:20 / DAS ERSTE

Thursday, 12 January 2017

The most preposterous attacks from a Thug's State

It is quite amazing to see how the world doesn't react to this:

SEBIN, the Chavista secret police, detained opposition member Rodolfo González accusing him of having explosives and weapons in preparation for a coup. González was found dead in his jail in 2015...apparently he hanged himself.

August 2016
SEBIN claimed to have caught opposition leaders Yon Goichochea and Carlos Melo with explosives. Yon is recepient of the Milton Friedman prize.

January 2016

SEBIN detained National Assembly deputy Gílber Caro stating he was carrying explosives. It did the same with councilmen Jorge Luis González of the Primero de Justicia party and Roniel Farías of Popular Will in the Bolívar state.

The regime also put Baduel back in jail and it is running a mock investigation to neutralize Capriles, governor in the state of Miranda.

Who on Earth do they want to convince that opposition leaders - not just minor figures - are carrying around explosives?

I wonder what Chavismo's fans in Europe, people like Wagenknecht in Germany 
She wants people to recognise Erdogan is a dictator but won't say the same thing about Maduro because he is "lefty"

You just have to read in El País how he was financed by Chavismo for so long and how often he appeared in Venezuela's State media to tell Venezuelans how much better they had it than Spaniards

and Pablo Iglesias in Spain have to say about this.

There are over a hundred political prisoners in Venezuela now.

The minister of Interior in Venezuela is Néstor Reverol, a military indicted in a US court for drug trafficking.