Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Music I like

For a change, here I put some information about some of the music I like.
I will be updating this from time to time.


Baobab: A very old orchestra.
Clip 1

Boubakar Traoré is a Mali genius. I have been to a concert and it was one of the best concerts I have ever seen. Simply amazing! I find his life also very inspiring.
Clip 1

Souad Massi is an Algerian French singer.
Clip 1
Clip 2

Toumani Diabaté is another Malian bloke. Excellent. I love the sound of the kora.
Clip 1 (check after minute 6 for music)

Youssou N'dour is one of the best known Senegalese musicians.
Clip 1


Noa from Israel
Clip 1


Clip 1
The Chaconne played here by Menuhin. Menuhin said once when he was a child he thought that if he could go to the Sistine Chapel and managed to play well enough this piece of music, God would decide to take away all evil from the world. I can imagine the child trying to play that piece better and better.

Belorussian group, cool.
Clip 1

A Fleming who could describe very well Belgium, many French think he is French!
Clip 1

Karen has an angelic voice. Music from the Hebrides.
Clip 1

Clip 1
Good for focusing.

Peter Fox (Germany): Cool musician from Berlin
Haus am See

2RaumWohnung (Germany): Another pop group in Berlin
Elain und ich

Schubert (Germany)
The Erlkönig (not the best interpretation, but what I found in Youtube), a piece Schubert composed based on one of Goethe's poems.


Clip 1
Well, the Russian bard is a real myth and there are good reasons for that.

Greek Byzantine chant
Clip 1: This is heaven, Easter music

North America

I have to go one day to New Orleans... Clip 1: Funny clip

Felix Leclerc
From one of the countries I like the most, Felix Leclerc: Clip 1

South America

Chico Buarque
Clip 1
Clip 2 It is easy to imagine the morena de Angola described in this song.

Alirio Díaz from Venezuela
Clip 1

Melódicos from Venezuela
Clip 1
Clip 2

Yordano from Venezuela
Clip 1 Madera Fina

To be continued...


  1. Well, Kepler, we actually share many of the same tastes in music! Imagine that?? :)

  2. OH, and yes, you should go to New Orleans. No place quite like it on earth.

  3. Well, I can imagine that :-). In spite of the differences I think at the end of the day we have some common ground.

    I definitely want to go to New Orleans one day.

  4. Indeed New Orleans is unique and its Jazz Clubs are an awesome experience. If you stay some time you might gain some weight and learn to appreciate better spicy food, as happened to me.

    You can still see the sequels of Katrina, but the locals are among the merriest people in America, partying all year long. However, due to its crime rate, shitty politicians and terrible roads, I felt just like in Venezuela :D. But do not get me wrong, you should go there, it is an awesome place.

    There is a lot of the music I do not know, but I am gonna start exploring.


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