Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Children's foes

There is a new index about children's wellfare. Not surprisingly, Venezuela now offers children a worse standard of living than almost any other country in the Americas. Venezuelan children are now worse off than those in a lot of African countries.

That is very much unlike when I grew up in Venezuela's Caribbean.

This reports shows children are more likely to be murdered in Venezuela than in most American countries but for Honduras.

Venezuelan underaged girls are more likely to become pregnant than almost anywhere else, as I wrote already a couple of years ago.

Chavismo has to go away.

Sunday, 14 May 2017

The Chavista elite abroad

Venezuela was for most of its history a country of immigrants. Two periods stand up as big exceptions to this. The first was the war of independence and the second the long economic collapse that started to be felt in the nineties of the XX century and that is reaching increasingly terrible levels at this very moment.

Now there are Venezuelan communities in almost every country on Earth, something someone would nave found hard to believe 30 years ago. An awful lot of highly qualified Venezuelans live from Canada to Norway, from Argentina to Australia. Venezuelans are also emigrating by plane or bus and even in boats, like desperate Cubans, trying to reach Aruba, Curaçao and Bonaire.

But there are the other Venezuelans, the ones who have become very rich in the so-called Bolivarian revolution. When most Venezuelans have no access to dollars, the socialist boligarchs travel abroad in all luxury.

Venezuelans have decided to bug them. We could recently see on social media how the daughter of communist minister Rodriguez is approached by other Venezuelans in Bonti beach, Australia, and asked whether she doesn't feel something for what is happening in our country. The former defense minister gets caught in a restaurant in France and gets booed. Another former minister of Chavez has to get out of a restaurant in Doral, Florida, after Venezuelans recognise him and shout at him 'thief, get out'.

Bear in mind this: Venezuela has a foreign currency control that only promotes corruption.
If you are Venezuelan and you live in Venezuela you can only afford to travel abroad if you are richer than 99.5% of the population or someone abroad finances you.

Let''s see where boligarchs have been spotted abroad:

Former defence minister eating out in Paris, her children study there

Former minister Vázquez Orellana eating out in Miami

A well-known singer tweeted that the daughter of current defence minister Vladimir Padrino was spending some money in a posh area of Madrid

If you know of other cases, please let me know, preferably with a good url.