Sunday, 14 January 2018

Chavista's goal: kill hope, let people get used to misery

A few years ago the military started to react very swiftly and violently against students who were distributing fliers to people queueing up for food. Students were beaten up and put in jail. The flyers simply said: Venezuelan, do not get used to this, this is not normal or tried to explain how inflation works.

Since then the  Chavista regime has acted with particular harshness whenever some opposition group has openly said we need to prepare for change or that there should be a shadow government or the like. That is how former mayor Ledezma got in jail.

The dictatorship prefers a thousand times for us to call it dictatorship - the thinking goes that dictatorships do not allow people to call them dictatorships - than for us to openly talk about a regime change as matter of fact or to let people realise it is not normal Venezuela should have a shortage economy and it is false the mess has something to do with foreign saction. The government wants those who understand this to emigrate or end up in prison. The issue if whether Venezuelans are going to allow this.