Sunday, 20 January 2008

The Chavez clan

For reference, here we present an inventory of who is who in Chavez's clan:

Hugo de los Reyes Chávez
Hugo Chávez's fathergovernor of Barinas state since 1998, formerly
primary school teacher, is said to go every 3 months to Cuba for health checkups

Elena Frías de ChávezHugo Chávez's motherformerly primary school teacher
Adan Chávez FríasHugo Chávez's brotherminister of education, formerly ambassador to Cuba (chosen by his brother)

Adelis Chávez FríasHugo Chávez's brothervice-president of Sofitasa, organizer of the Copa

Hugo-president of Venezuela
Anibal Chávez Frías
Hugo Chávez's brothermayor of Sabaneta
Narciso (Nacho)
Chávez Frías
Hugo Chávez's brotherdirector of the Venezuela-Cuba health agreement, formerly English teacher, he got into important posts at the diplomatic representations in Canada and Cuba

Argenis Chávez FríasHugo Chávez's brothervice-governor

A very interesting article about the Chávez clan was published in the New York Times in February of 2007. You can go to it here.

A report from Match (definitely not my favorite source of information, but still interesting) in French can be seen here.


  • La Chavera (more on that in Spanish here)
According to Por Cuba y Para Cuba also:
  • Laberinto (900 hectares)
  • La Espoleta
  • San Judas Tadeo

Chávez's home tome is Sabaneta and his state is Barinas.


  1. Anonymous,

    I deleted your comments as there were lots of offensive stuff in there and they did not belong to this post.
    I answer here to some of your statements:

    The fact Germans do not name every single major state-university-street-square with the name of a single one person, let's say, "Bismarck", has to do with the fact that they
    have more names. In Venezuela the name Bolivar is overused, it really is getting confusing. Everything is "Bolivarian". What is the point?

    It seems as if we had nothing more than Bolivar, which is false.

    About the euro: I mentioned it in reference to the fact that their currency before was not called "Bismark" or "Peter Pan" or something like that, again in an obsession to put one person as the greatest achievement of all ages, as we do with Bolivar.
    I was not claiming anything about the euro. Anyway, you said the euro was introduced by the "German state, without a referendum. It has brought an insane amount of inflation that has actually increased poverty in Germany. Please think before you write such nonsense."
    So what? And what does that have to do with the topic of our false adoration to one single figure?
    Anyway: I know well the inflation brought by the euro and it was much lower than anything we have seen in Venezuela in decades, probably since the seventies and it was much less than the inflation we had last year or will have this one.

    "After all, Germany was actually called Deutsches Reich (German empire) up until the end of World War I. I guess that in your eyes, this is preferable than adoring Bolivar, a person that liberated nations."

    You accused me in a part I deleted of being ignorant. I know
    how Germany was called before. It was actually called Deutsches Reich until 1945, not until the WWI. Thanks God they have progressed since then, even if they have lots of problems still.
    Anyway, Bolivar was not the only liberator of nations, he was a leader among many.

    "Ireland and Scotland. It seems that you only want to compare adoration and love for Bolivar with countries that have had a questionable national history like Germany."

    I have actually lived in Scotland. They do not have a one-man adoration as we have in Venezuela.
    Who should it be? Robert Burns? Wallace? Please!
    "The Burns Kingdom of Scotland?"
    "The Joyce Republic of Ireland"?
    Why do we have to call Venezuela the Bolivarian republic of Venezuela?
    It was because your leader wanted it.
    Not even in Italy would they be so silly as to call their country the "Garibaldi Republic of Italy".

    They might be "proud" of their heritage, they have no major personality cult to one big totem as we have with Bolivar.

    "Can you prove that Gandhi is not adored in India now or will be as much as Bolivar in some decades? After all, India is a much younger country than Venezuela who just obtained its independence 60 years ago. You know very well when Venezuela obtained its independence.

    If you do not think that in India, his people adored him so much in the present, why is this happening, then? ( ). Why would they award him the titles of mahatma - "Great Soul" and of Bapu - "Father"?

    I do not predict the future. I know the present. Indians usually respect Gandhi a lot. Still, their adoration or whatever you want to call it is not as blind as the Bolivar adoration. Gandhi is actually probably the second most important figure for Indians, there is one person probably more revered than Gandhi from those times. I will let you find out who.

    "You commented that Bolivar "became very reactionary at the end and even if he hadn't:
    we need to go beyond the adoration of the past." Was he reactionary or not? It seems that you don't really know that answer despite your readings, Kepler. "

    I think you need to read first.
    My statement is clear: Bolivar WAS a reactionary at the end of his life.
    Bolivar WAS a reactionary. He wanted a president to become president for life, among other things.
    When one says in English "even if he hadn't", it means:
    "in the hypothetical case he was not so,"

    "Even if I hadn't done this, I would still go" means one states one DID DO THIS and yet in the hypothetical but untrue case one hadn't done it, one would still go.

    "Furthermore, I don't understand why you keep insisting on the Venezuelan people creating a new religion around Bolivar. "

    Because it is true.

    "You said that our liberator would not be proud of Venezuelans being the worst in Math. Actually, I think you are wrong there, Kepler. Virtually very few people knew how to read, write or do math in Bolivar's time. I think he would be impressed with the amount of people that could actually do some kind of math. "

    What I am saying is Venezuela is the worst in Latin America and that is a shame. Is it because we fought the independence war? Give me a brake.

    "Your comparison about Venezuelan deputies and German Bundestag deputies with the salaries of Venezuelan teachers it's so ridiculous, unfair and absurd that I am not even going to comment it at length. Try to compare Venezuela with another Andean third world country with a middle income economy not with the 3rd largest economy in the world and the largest in the EU. We are not even the largest economy in South or Latin America. I think you are letting your own prejudice towards Bolivarianism of the Chavista kind to get the best of you. Just a thought!"

    You really don't get it.
    I compare salaries of German deputies and Venezuelan deputies and Venezuelan deputies, from such a poor country, earn more than Germans. I am not comparing salaries between Venezuelan and German teachers, but the difference between ratios
    (does GINI coefficient says something to you?).
    You said you were going to study mathematics? Really?

    I could very well have compared Venezuela with a South American country, but then the truth would have been more shameful for you.
    Look at WHAT I am comparing:
    - Venezuelan deputies EARN MORE than German deputies in spite of Venezuela being such a poor country.
    Is that good?
    - Venezuelan teachers are getting payed 5.5% of what a VENEZUELAN deputy earns, while a German teacher gets around 40% something.
    I don't expect people to earn more in Venezuela than in Germany (neither deputies - who do earn like the richest because they are stealing - nor teachers, who are not earning enough). I expect Venezuelan deputies would be earning less than German deputies (which is not the case even if Venezuela is so much poorer) and that the RATIO of Ven.teacher salary/Venezuelan deputy salary
    would be more "social" than in Germany, but it is not. The "Socialist" deputies in Venezuela should be earning SEVERAL TIMES less of what they currently earn.

    How is it possible that we, precisely a country that is not even the less poor among the poor
    South American countries, is paying to its deputies more than the rich Germans are paying to theirs?

    How is it possible that the Chavismo is claiming to be socialist when Venezuelan teachers are getting 5.5% of what VENEZUELAN parliament members get?

    I am not comparing the salaries of Venezuelan teachers with German teachers, but the ratio and how shameless our "socialist deputies" are.

  2. Kepler...I read your comments on OW. I recall a recent discussion about homicide rates in Venezuela. I found an interesting presentation about the subject on Kate's Blog. Please see the comments section on her article called "Quick Note on CSIS panel".

    Her blog is at


  3. Thanks, John. I will take a look at it.

  4. Hoi Kepler,

    This link is just an completion for your article.



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