Wednesday, 2 January 2008

Cocaine from Venezuela to Europe

Should Europe care more about Chavez's government and governance in Venezuela?
I think it should.

Spanish La Razón has talked some about this here
El Universal quotes also La Razón saying 80% of the cocaine arriving in Spain goes through Venezuela.

Some of the goodies found since 2003 in ships coming from Venezuela are:

  • three tones of cocaine on board of Poseidón

  • three tones more on Caridad C

  • 3,1 tones on White Sands and last but not least

  • 4 tones transported by the Fabio Gallipolli, (sources: Spanish CICO, Centro de Información sobre el Crimen Organizado).

Drug dealer Farid Feris Domínguez, now in a Colombian prison, said Venezuela has become a land of refuge for drug dealers since Hugo Chávez is in power.

All lies from the Imperialists? All lies from "le media-mensonge", as some from the extreme left claim? We need to be careful with any source coming from the US government (remember the weapons of mass destruction). Still, things here are quite different. We see how crime has blossomed during Chavez time. The Spanish authorities have said repeatedly that they are finding the Venezuelan government hardly cooperative and then there is the proof in the increasing amount of boats...those boats were not "planted" by the CIA.

Cocaine is a growing nightmare in Spain and thus in the EU. They need to do a lot at home to combat consumption, but they also need to put on international agendas the discussion of the drug trafficking from South America.

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