Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Chávez' youngest daughter

You can see here a picture of Rosinés showing off her dollars. She is the youngest daughter of our caudillo, Hugo Chávez. In Venezuela there is a strict currency control that benefits the richest, those with connections. The currency is terribly overvalued and the best-connected earn a fortune thanks to the black market.

Rosainés' mother and former wife of our military strongman said the girl had made an error not by taking the picture but only by uploading it "in a medium where there are ignorant people who do not respect others".

That's the Revolución Bonita a few gullible in the North were so excited about. You can follow the new Rosinés fever in Twitter by looking for #Rosinesing

In the Oil-Boom Revolution, some get bacon and some get preferential dollars and organized meetings with Justin Bieber

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