Saturday, 4 July 2009

The Organization of American States does not care a bit about this

This post is a reference to all steps the Chavez regime is taking towards dictatorship.
Please, if you know of more events, send them over. I specially want to document how Chavez and his people are illegally taking over the powers from the regions and doing everything to prevent the opposition from doing its work.



  • Regional elections take place. Venezuelan opposition gets around 45% of the votes. It gets the government of following main regions:
  1. Caracas Capital municipality,
  2. Carabobo state,
  3. Miranda state,
  4. Nueva Esparta state,
  5. Táchira state,
  6. Zulia state
and several municipalities, among them the largest slum of Venezuela, Petare. Those are a minority of the states but 45% of Venezuelans live there.


  • Chávez insults the opposition: "fascists, Yankee-puppets". He declares the opposition is preparing a coup. He declares he will sweep them away.


  • Avila TV, TV channel of Caracas municipality, is transferred by Chavez decree to the national government so that the newly elected opposition can not manage it.

Soviet-style wall on state Avila TV






  • Chavista thugs attack building of newly elected mayor of Caracas and occupy it.
MARCH 2009

  • Pro-Chavez groups, lead by deputy Cruz Ortiz and by Cruz Mora, violently take over the House of Culture of Guarenas, Miranda.

APRIL 2009

  • Venezuelan National Assembly passes a Capital District Law transfering most functions, funding, and personnel from Caracas' municipality (where Antonio Ledezma was elected mayor) to the control of Jacqueline Farias, appointed by Chavez

MAY 2009


  • Pro-Chavez groups tries by error to occupy the Corporación Metropolitana de Seguridad thinking it is the Metropolitan Institute of the Youth (part of Caracas's institutions they wanted to take away from elected mayor Ledezma)
  • The national government takes away schools from elected mayor of Caracas to put them under the control of Jacqueline Farías.

  • Pro-Chavez fans try to attack the House of Acción Democrática (AD) party in Anaco when AD's general secretary was on visit there. Notice than the pro-Chavez groups explains here what "really happened" without realizing in any country with rule of law that "really" would be equally condemnable.
JUNE 2009

  • Chavista thugs attack people from Primero Justicia in front of police station and kill a young man.



He will elect all comptrollers in every state now

  • Municipality of the Metropolitan area (Caracas) denounces the authorities of the newly formed Capital district does not send them the financial resources they should get according to the constitution.
  • Pro-Chavez mayor gets walls of the region painted with slogans against Globovisión, the last Chavez-critical TV channel (open air only in Caracas and Valencia, accessible by cable for 30%

"Globovision does not inform, it makes sick. Turn off the disease"

JULY 2009

  • Pro-Chavez thugs attack in daylight the offices of newspapers El Notitarde and El Carabobeno in Puerto Cabello and paint slogans such as "information criminals". The march is organized by officialist mayor Rafael Lavaca.
  • Antonio Ledezma, elected mayor of Caracas, begins a hunger strike at the OAS embassy in Caracas to call the attention about the state of democracy in Venezuela.

  • Chávez tells his Unified Socialist Party of Venezuela to stand together to avoid that the opposition wins the majority in congress in 2010 as this would lead to "a coup as in Honduras".
  • Military of Táchira takes over main square of the state capital and prevents the elected governor from celebrating there the 5th of July, Independence Day, as governors used to do. The military chef says he can do that because "he is the military governor".
  • The president of Venezuela's Supreme Court, Luisa Estela Morales, threatens a journalist who was asking difficult questions and says the journalist could end up like another journalist who cannot report on the Supreme Court since 2007 for being difficult.

  • Energy minister Rafael Ramírez, a man who has a base salary that is over 60 times the minimum wage, declares he won't discuss with unions that are "enemies of Chavez". He says: "I am not going to sit down to talk to foes of the revolution. There is no point in having a new Venezuelan national oil company if it is a nest of squalid ones (referring to opposition)". He adds: "the oligarchy should be afraid of us as we hate the oligarchy". Finally he said PDVSA workers should constitute socialist committees, otherwise "they will be considered suspect of conspiring with the government".

  • The National Guard troop attacks a police centre of the Miranda state (in the town of Curiepe) and throws out the police managed by the opposition governor.
  • Venezuelan judge declares she was forced to sign an order against Globovisión owner Zuloaga.
  • Military in Táchira threaten to take over several kindergartens.
  • Military in Miranda threaten to take over several police stations under control of the Miranda governor, as they did before in Curiepe.
  • Judge who declared that she forced to send order against Globovisión order is sacked.
  • Chavez "suggests" again to the National Assembly to give him special powers in order to "speed up the revolution" and "eliminate all the antirevolutionary laws".

  • Chavez declares that when he sees that the border opposition-ruled states of Táchira and Zulia try to "destabilize" the country, "we have to go after them and to reduce the opposition through laws".




  • The national government sacks two teachers for accepting from opposition leader Ledezma a donation of books and tools for children.
  • The military prevents medical assistance from the Tachira lottery from arriving to a Barinas city. The reason: the lottery belongs to a state where the opposition was elected.
  • Hugo approves new budget for 2010 reducing resources allocated for all kinds of ministries, for the police, for education and specially the region, but increasing 638% the resources allocated to himself.
  • Several of the new directors of the National Electoral Commission (CNE) turn out to be hard-core PSUV members. People belonging to parties are not allowed to be part of Venezuela's Electoral commitee...unless they belong to the PSUV.



MARCH 2010

  • Ex governor Oswaldo Álvarez Paz was detained for expressing his opinion about Chávez's regime.

APRIL 2010

  • Chávez declares, between insults, that "if they kill me, sweep away with the bourgeoisie."
MAY 2010

  • Rocío San Miguel, NGO representative who denounced the inconstitutional involvement of active military in the PSUV, is threatened by goons.
  • The CNE rejects the petition to accept observers from the European Union and the OAS.
  • Nurses were detained for one day for a peaceful protest they made about their working conditions and the lack of resources of the maternity hospital.

  • The national police (CICPC) takes away 30 motorbikes from the opposition-managed Alcaldía Metropolitana claiming the bikes were "irregular". Elected major Ledezma says all papers are in order.
  • The outgoing pro-Chávez assembly approves an unconstitutional law that forbids deputies to vote according to their conscience and forces them to vote according to what their party says.


  1. June 2009:

    Chavista mayor of Juan Griego, Nueva Esparta has many walls in the city painted with anti Globovision (the main opposistion TV channel) signs saying: Globovision no informa - enferma. Apaga la enfermedad.

    Globovision does not inform - it sickens. Turn off the disease.

  2. Anonymous,
    Thanks very much for the report. If you know of any source, a picture of any of those walls (specially if there is some view of the surroundings) would be nice.
    I have heard from first hand of motor bikers pushing their bikes against people who were collecting money to pay Globovision's fees, but I just have the story, no picture.

  3. Maria Gonzalez4 July 2009 at 10:36

    Thank you for doing this.It is a great idea!

  4. Tachira:General Aguero dice q es" gobernador militar de la región”y por eso militarizó el estado e impidio actos en Plaza Bolivar"


  5. Otro link de lo mismo, local y está redactado de una manera diferente......

  6. Thanks, guys. There are many more things happening, but I have lost overview.
    There have been a lot of attacks in Carabobo and more in Caracas.
    If any of you can find some data about the transfer of funds and control of undergrounds, please, send them to me.

    I am specially interested in everything illegal and pseudo-illegal done by Chavismo on its road to gain total control of Venezuela.

    Thanks again.

  7. I just sent you the photo

  8. ...And:
    1) Chavista mobs take over the Ateneo de Caracas, and then a new law practically closes it.
    2) Mobs invade the UCV, something unseen in decades, burn the Rectorado building in protest of losing the FCU's elections.
    I could go on...

  9. Vicente, thanks. Sources?
    (I know they are there, it just takes time)

    When the local elections came, foreign "observers" were saying all the time: "now, the opposition will have the opportunity to show what it can do".

    I am looking specially for this:
    - how Chavismo is deviating money from state budgets but transferring it to ITS states/institutions
    - how Chavismo has taken over concrete institutions that were to be managed by opposition

  10. I would like to just say i support you in your efforts. As the saying goes ¨Freedom is not Free¨.


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