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Hugo Carvajal: persona non grata in the Netherlands (updated)

Hugo Carvajal is back in Venezuela. Why did the Dutch foreign minister Timmermans decide to release Carvajal on a Sunday night, very late in the Netherlands, when his functionaries and the judge in Aruba had said on Friday the detention was legit and Carvajal did not have immunity? Why so soon in spite of the request for extradition by NATO partner USA? Did Carvajal have immunity even if he presented a false passport? Were the US over-reacting thinking that false passport would be enough to get Carvajal or was it fair to consider the Dutch should have sent the man to the USA?


The Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf says that according to an officer in Oranestad (Aruba) the order to liberate the retired general came from the foreign minister Timmermans himself. So: the man in charge of the foreign relations for the  Kingdom of the Netherlands took the decision to liberate a man who

  1. came in with a false passport, 
  2. had over $20000 with him and had not declared that money
  3. had not received the placet to become a consul, 
  4. was accused by the US of having tortured and murdered two Colombian officials, of having helped a terrorist organisation and being responsible for cocaine trafficking.


According to the Aruba officer Timmermans departed from the position of his functionaries based on "new information". Timmermans took the people in Aruba by surprise.

Venezuela's regime flew Carvajal directly to Caracas, where he was received by Maduro like a hero in front of masses of Chavistas gathering for the PSUV Congress. The state TV in Venezuela said "the Netherlands has recognised it violated the Vienna Convention".

The Venezuelan government hasn't said Netherlands has declared Carvajal persona non grata. He had to leave Aruba as soon as possible and that he will never be welcome in the Netherlands.

Some hypothesis:

  • The Netherlands only wanted to send a message that they didn't want a man with the history of Carvajal as consul. But: why the whole trouble?
  • Netherlands is afraid of what the mafiosi could do in the ABC islands 
  • Any other hypothesis? 

If you read Dutch, Alpha has collected some general information about this case.

Dutch in Sebrenica


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  2. It is said to say that the current US government is extremely invisible in South America, and, even worse, radiates the impression they do not want to be mingled in whatever is happening here.
    For them Ucrania, many thousand kilometers more away from them, is obviously more important.
    In the meantime, Russia, China even more, and of course Cuba more than ever, are creating fact in South America!
    Facts like Russian military bases in Venezuela, facts like keeping criminal regimes financially alive, facts like investing heavily in return for even more influence and power.
    A criminal regime like Venezuela's will never go down, if China or Russia practically own the country one day!
    The same facts and tendencies once have been enough for an also Democrat president in 1963 to say STOP during the Cuba crisis.

    So, after a long intro, here is another hypothesis: Obama might have let know the Netherlands, that he does not want El Pollo badly enough to risk a crisis in front of his door.

    JFK would have decided otherwise ...

    1. Correct on every account. The USA has stood by and watched one bad event after another unfold in Venezuela at the urging and promotion of Cuba. All the while consumed on a daily basis by events that have and will have no impact on the USA. Honestly quite a sad situation to have to witness.

  3. Find another hypothesis at RUNRUN.ES (Nelson Bocaranda):
    According to his article, it merely has had a money background ...


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