Saturday, 15 December 2007

Who supports Hugo Chavez and his regime in Europe?

This post is going to be updated on a continuous basis.
The total amount of people supporting Chávez is decreasing by the day, but there are still some. It is a similar situation to Mugabe, who previously had so much support in the West.

Heads of State

Well, there are not many of them in Europe. Firstly we have:
  • Alexander Lukashenko, Belorussian head of state. You can find some information on what the European Union thinks of Alexander here. I read Scholl-Latour's book with a lot of interest, although I do not approve certain things he writes about. He has produced a good account of Lukashenko in his book "Russland im Zangengriff" (in German). There is one chapter there dedicated to Belarus and what I read there corresponds very much with what my Belorussian friends have told me about the whole issue.
And that is about it. We can say Vladimir Putin's Russia is making a lot of money by selling weapons to Chávez's military, but that is far from saying Vladi loves to get a picture next to Hugo.

Eurodeputies supporting Chavez
  • Sahra Wagenknecht: German, member of the Linke, she is from the left part of the communists.
Some articles about her: Wikipedia (German) has general information (there is less information about her in other languages), Spiegel (German) Sahra the the lobster pictures
  • Giusto Catania: Italian communist, GUE/NLG
  • Georgious Toussas: Greek, GUE/NGL, a member of the Greek Communist party.
  • Manuel Medina Ortega: Spanish, PSE Group
  • Ken Levingston, a.k.a. Red Ken, the former mayor of London. He was promoting a deal by which poor Venezuela is giving oil to help the poor of one of the richest cities in the world. They were supposed to deliver "know-how" on such matters as tourism and traffic to Venezuela but in reality the deal costs much more to Venezuela than to London. Here you can read how Mr Levingston praises Hugo Chávez and says everything the media says are "lies". I wonder if he would be ready for a live debate with opposition for Britons and Venezuelans to see. I want to see the results in Venezuela of London's part in the deal.
  • Michel Collon, Belgian journalist, linked to Telesur, Hugo Chavez "response to CNN" and to Belgium's . I wonder if his work for Telesur is compensated in some way other than "thank you".
  • Sfia Bouarfa, senator of the Belgian (French-speaking) Socialist Party. She was invited by the Venezuelan, very red National Electoral Council to "supervise" the quality of their work. She gave a very positive report on it to the Belgian government.
  • Tierry Deronne, another Belgian journalist and vice-president of Vive TV, one of Chávez's TV channels. He is a friend of Sfia Bouarfa, according to Bouarfa's blog. This journalist says on his blog that still 70% of the TV in Venezuela is in the hands of the opposition. I wonder if he managed to watch TV from a TV without cable outside Caracas. Mind: in Venezuela, unlike in Belgium, most poor do not have cable TV and outside a couple of major cities it is hard to get any non-cable TV station that critical to Chavez.

Here you have a list of all the Eurodeputies who support the regime of Chávez, a list by themselves.

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  1. His last missing shot was coming with no results in Paris, no show of the paper he had received, after that flying over Spain's palace without permission and be fear on it. The reply on closing the imports of Colombia, no dup of oil to the States if he should loose the referendum. Did you hear of it that no tankers are leaving for the USA? Before when JVR was there he manage the words of Chavez made excuses and explain that he just wanted to say some other things, but now he says all what comes up in his mind and you have to take or leave it. He is acting childish idea to-day order to-morrow mixing up in all kind af external affairs, show his admiration for Fidel, just in Argentina again in his speech. In Europe we know a lot more now thanks to the student-protests we have no longer only ABN propaganda


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