Saturday, 21 October 2017

No matter what

Venezuela saw a new disaster: everything came together during the governors' elections and Chavismo just got more power even though it is difficult to say what the opposition still had.

What happened?

Abstention in strong opposition areas was high. People were tired, did not think it mattered, assumed any governor would be emasculated anyway.

The Chavista dominated National Electoral Council changed the place where half a million people had to vote just a few days before the day

Chavista honchos openly threatened the poor with not giving them food if they voted for the opposition

Chavista honchos repeatedly hinted they knew for whom people would vote and asked them to register their "fatherland's card" during election day

The military mafia committed outright fraud, as Andrés Velázquez's team proved this week.

Meanwhile, Putin and Sechin are ready to let Venezuela become a new Syria if need be. You can just read the tweets from the Russian embassy in Venezuela or from the Foreign Ministry of Russia to get an idea about that.

The few governor positions the regime allowed the opposition to "win" are nothing but a joke: the regime says only those elected governors who recognise the illegal "Asamblea Constituyente" will be governors, the police forces of those states have just gone under control of the regime and now virtually any regional institution of some weight currently controlled by those regions will pass to Chavista control by decreet.

Chavistas are also grooming Hector Rodríguez for the  position of president - Venezuela might have presidential elections in December of 2018 or some time around that date.

They are also happy Venezuela's longest and largest brain drain in two centuries goes on unabated.

They want something like Belarus.

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