Monday, 2 February 2009

Latin American Herald Tribune reads Venezuela and Europe

The journalists from the Herald Tribute used my chart!
I prepared that one based on the statistics I have been collecting for Carabobo.
Here the original: ORIGINAL


  1. Well, they should have 1. ask you if they can use it or 2. written the source to it.
    You could ask a lawyer to sue them. I donno about the print media, but in the internet it would be worth 10000 Euro..


  2. Hi, Hans. Well, I will see how they respond. I contacted them again. They did not even wrote what that chart really was about.

  3. Well, they took it off now and added a link. My purpose was not to earn money, but really, they should have said where they got it and also what that chart actually meant (the number of murders per month for Carabobo state for several years)


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